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  • High Pressure Seal 350 PSI
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 500 Degree Heat
  • Resistance
  • Bonds Plastic, Glass,
  • Metal, Aluminum, PVC, Fiberglass, Tile, Marble, and Rubber
  • Lasts 5 Years in a Cool Place
  • Lightning Fast Bonding

Unbeatable Deals

Easy As 123

Step #1

Apply Glue First. Remember: A little goes a long way!

Step #2

Next, add filler to seal holes in order to ensure a stronger bond!

Step #3

Enjoy! You can switch step 1 and 2, and apply more filler for added strength.

Some Notes From The Glue Guy

“Super Bond Glue: The Ultimate Solution in Adhesive Technology – Outshining Superglue in Every Way!”

Check out our home improvement blog! Today, we’re providing the best glue in the world of adhesives, where a groundbreaking product is making waves: Super Bond Glue. Forget about the hassles you’ve faced with traditional superglues. Super Bond Glue is here to revolutionize your DIY and repair experiences. Let’s explore why Super Bond Glue is a game-changer and why it should replace superglue in your toolkit.

Superglue doesn’t come close to working as well or as fast as Super bond Glue. Here are the reasons you want to switch from buying Superglue to Super Bond Glue. Superglue goes bad quickly because it dries out in the bottle. Super bond Glue doesn’t dry out. It has a 2 to 3-year shelf life unrefrigerated and lasts up to 5 to 6 years in the refrigerator. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are a form of superglue and mostly have a short shelf life. But Super Bond superglue has the longest lasting shelf life and outbeats any superglue. So let me list the reasons never to buy superglue. Because Superglue dies out super fast, you have to go to the store every time you want to use superglue. But if you guy Super Bond Glue just once, it lasts a very long time. Why buy superglue dozens of times when you only need one bottle of Super Bond Glue. Because Super Bond Glue lasts up to five years when you store Super Bond Glue in a cool place.

Long-Lasting Shelf Life: Say Goodbye to Wastage

One of the major drawbacks of regular superglue is its tendency to dry out quickly, leading to frustration and wastage. Super Bond Glue, on the other hand, boasts a remarkable shelf life. Unrefrigerated, it remains effective for 2-3 years, and when stored in the refrigerator, it can last an impressive 5-6 years. This extended shelf life outperforms any traditional cyanoacrylate adhesives, making Super Bond Glue a more economical and reliable choice.

Both Superglue and Super Bond require some care and knowledge for effective use: they do not bond some materials. But when you use Super Bond Glue and the filler powder you are getting extra strength and fixing auto parts that normal superglue cannot fix. 

Rapid Drying Time: Efficiency at Its Best

In the fast-paced world of home repairs, time is of the essence. Super Bond Glue sets the bar high with its lightning-fast drying time. It dries in mere seconds, eliminating the need for clamps or prolonged pressure. This rapid bonding capability makes it an ideal solution for quick fixes and efficient repairs.

The next reason is Super Bond Glue has a faster drying time than superglue. Super Bond glue literally drys in seconds. It’s the fastest rapid quick fix you’ve been waiting for. You don’t need to use clamps. Super Bond Glue bonds in seconds! But the most important reason people prefer Super Bond Glue to superglue is our black and white filler powder. You can fill holes or cracks and fix major leaks. Super Bond Glue is waterproof. So with the Super Bond Filler, you can fix an AC line or a copper pipe, or any cracks in metal.

Versatile and Strong: More Than Just a Glue

Super Bond Glue transcends the boundaries of regular adhesives. Its unique black and white filler powder feature allows for versatile applications, including filling holes, cracks, and fixing major leaks. It’s not just waterproof but also incredibly strong, making it perfect for repairing AC lines, copper pipes, and metal cracks. This versatility makes Super Bond Glue not just a glue, but a comprehensive repair kit.

Superglue is just a glue but Super Bond Glue is a repair kit with our fill powder and ultra strong adhesive strength. Super Bond Glue is the best glue ever! Super Bond Glue can repair just about anything, but super glue cannot. Super Bond Glue can fix problems with broken auto parts, cracks in valve covers, engine casings, radiators, ABS plastic repair, like fixing bumpers, computer cases, phone casings, tools, holes in metal, aluminum, steel, copper, cast iron. Do you think superglue can do all that?

Extra Strength for Tough Repairs

While superglue has its limitations with certain materials, Super Bond Glue, coupled with its filler powder, offers extra strength and durability. This makes it capable of repairing auto parts and other materials that ordinary superglue cannot handle. Its robust adhesive strength transforms Super Bond Glue into an indispensable tool for heavy-duty repairs.

Unmatched Repair Capabilities

Super Bond Glue’s effectiveness extends to a wide range of applications. It is adept at fixing broken auto parts, valve covers, engine casings, radiators, ABS plastic repairs, and much more. This versatility is something traditional superglue simply cannot match. Whether it’s metal, aluminum, steel, copper, or cast iron, Super Bond Glue is up to the task.

Conclusion: The Superior Choice for Your Repair Needs

In summary, Super Bond Glue is not just an alternative to superglue; it’s a superior solution. Its long shelf life, rapid drying time, versatility, strength, and wide range of applications make it an essential addition to any toolkit. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional superglue and embrace the power of Super Bond Glue – the best glue ever for all your repair needs!

Remember, with Super Bond Glue, you’re not just buying an adhesive; you’re investing in a lasting solution for countless repair challenges. Try it today

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And as a warning reminder, please keep Super Bond Glue away from children.

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