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2024 ASI Top 20: Arkema

Arkema is a diversified global chemical company that serves the general industry, consumer goods and electronics, building and construction, transportation and energy, and water, health and nutrition industries. The company operates within the following segments: Adhesives Solutions, which represented 29% of total group sales in 2023; Advanced Materials, which represented 38% of total group sales in 2023; Coating Solutions, which accounted for 25% of total group sales in 2023; and Intermediates, which had 8% of total group sales in 2023. Total group sales for the company in 2023 were €9.514 billion (approx. $10.5 billion), a change of -17% compared to €11.550 billion (approx. $12.75 billion) in 2022. The company employs approximately 21,100 individuals operating in 55 countries. In terms of its geographic footprint, North America accounted for 37% of total sales in 2023, Europe accounted for 34% of sales, while Asia accounted for 24% and the rest of the world recording 5% of 2023 sales.

With 17 research and development centers employing approximately 1,800 researchers, the company allocates approximately 2.9% of sales to research and development.

The company’s Adhesive Solutions segment provides bonding and assembling solutions, including pressure-sensitive adhesives, engineering and thermal adhesives, specialty hot-melt adhesives, and high-performance sealants. The segment achieved sales of €2.714 billion (approximately $2.995 billion) in 2023, a decline of 6.3% compared to sales in 2022. However, sales in the second half of 2023 grew by 16%.

The Adhesive Solutions segment was created after the company integrated Bostik in 2015. In 2022, the company acquired Ashland’s Performance Adhesives business, a leader in high-performance adhesives. The segment has two business lines: Construction & Consumer and Industrial Assembly. Sales in the segment’s Construction & Consumer business line were approximately 46% of segment sales, while the Industrial Assembly business line accounted for approximately 54% of sales.

NOTES: In February 2023, Arkema launched the most complete and integrated offering on the market for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Aligned with the Group’s unique strategy to leverage its three synergistic Specialty Materials segments, this broad product range combines Arkema’s technological expertise in the adhesives market, strengthened by the recent acquisition of Ashland Performance Adhesives, and leading acrylic value chain solutions.

In May 2023, Arkema announced the acquisition of Polytec PT, a specialist in adhesives for batteries and electronics located in Germany. In making the announcement, Arkema stated that the acquisition will strengthen Bostik’s product offering serving the fast-growing batteries and electronics market segments.

The company purchased Arc Building Products in December 2023. Based in Ireland, Arc Building products specializes in tile adhesives, floor preparation systems, building chemicals, and sealant and bonding solutions. Annual sales are approximately €15 million (convert to dollars).

In May of 2024, the company announced that it had acquired Dow’s flexible packaging laminating adhesives business. The business is a leading producer of adhesives used in the flexible packaging market and generates annual sales of approximately $250 million.

Additionally, Bostik announced in March 2024 that it has invested in UV acrylic hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (UV acrylic HMPSA) capabilities, expanding the manufacture of UV acrylic HMPSAs within its North American facilities.

Opening image courtesy of Arkema.

No. 5 | Arkema

Colombes, France
Chairman and CEO: Thierry Le Hénaff
Bostik CEO: Vincent Legros
Sources: company contact, annual report

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