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Arkema Completes Elastomers Production Capacity Increase

Arkema announced that the company has successfully started its new Pebax® elastomer unit at its Serquigny plant in France. This new unit, designed with the latest advancements in industrial processes, can produce both the bio-circular Pebax Rnew® and classical Pebax® elastomer ranges.

These advanced materials are used extensively in sports equipment such as running shoes, soccer shoes and ski boots, but also in electronic devices, and other specialty markets such as antistatic additives and medical devices.

“We are excited to start the production of this expansion in our Pebax elastomers capacity. This represents a great opportunity for us to meet growing demand in existing and new applications while simultaneously improving our processes as water consumption at the site will be reduced by approximately 25%,” said Erwoan Pezron, senior vice-president of Arkema’s High Performance Polymers business line. 

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