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AVERY DENNISON PERFORMANCE TAPES: Films and Tapes for EV Battery Cells

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes recently introduced the latest advancements in pressure-sensitive adhesive material solutions for EV battery cells with its new Cell Wrapping and Electrode Fixing Tapes. Both products are made in the U.S. for Inflation Reduction Act compliance.

Dielectric Cell Wrapping Films

Dielectric cell wrapping films are an electrical insulation solution designed to help avoid arcing challenges within battery packs. Avery Dennison Cell Wrapping Films can help limit potential safety issues and improve aesthetics. These films feature double-layer PET facestock options for dielectric protection redundancy and single-layer PET facestock options for lower cost. Films come in blue, yellow, and gray color options for various aesthetic requirements. They feature acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives that meet cell producer performance expectations by passing peel, shear, and long-term aging requirements. The films are made in the United States for Inflation Reduction Act compliance. Learn more here

Electrode Fixing Tapes

Avery Dennison now offers Electrode Fixing Tapes to bind multilayer electrode constructions consisting of current collector foils, anode and cathode materials, and separator films in EV battery cells. These easily visible and compatible tapes do not contribute to unintentional self-discharge and feature polypropylene facestock that is chemically inert to prevent self-discharge due to DMT redox shuttle. Tapes are available in a green color for visible indication of application. They are electrolyte-compatible and offer self-wound, linerless construction on plastic cores with various widths available. These tapes are also made in the United States for Inflation Reduction Act compliance. Learn more here


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