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BEMIS: Elastic Replacement Adhesives | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Bemis Associates, Inc. announced that it has expanded its Everfit™ family of elastic replacement adhesives, giving apparel designers a full range of support and breathability options to design consistent, all-day comfort into garments for a wide variety of uses and body types.

EverFit, an innovative Sewfree® adhesive that replaces elastic and sewing, makes clothes more comfortable and durable. EverFit has added 10 new products to its portfolio. Compared to traditional sewing and hems, Everfit reduces seamlines without adding bulk for a smooth look and feel. 

“We know women and men want their clothes, especially bras and waistbands, to be comfortable all day, not just a few hours. This technology gives apparel brands the power to meet consumer demand and have the flexibility to create garments that fit every body shape with comfort for an entire day,” said Amir Nankali, Bemis global director of Product Innovation. “By offering this innovative technology in a wide variety of formulas, we are enabling apparel brands to create garments that provide different levels of support and breathability to meet consumers’ preferences.”

Available in solid, net and Bemis FlowFree™ breathable formats, Everfit technology is ideal for bralettes, wire bras, sports bras, t-shirt bras, leggings, underwear, biker shorts, waistlines for sweatpants, and joggers.

To learn more, visit www.bemisworldwide.com.

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