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The Best Kept Secret on how Auto Shops Avoid Long Dry Times!

Thick CA glues like Lucky Squirt actually dry faster when less glue is applied to the area you’d like to fix. When less Super Glue is applied, the instant bond happens faster, allowing the cyanoacrylate to cure sooner.

Before blaming the brand like Lucky Squirt, there are 3 instances when Lucky Squirt glues seems to have poor performance and can cause you to lose confidence in the product.

So what do you do when the Instant Bond isn’t happening because the super glue dries too slow?

The normal suggested drying time of Lucky Squirt glues are based on 1 drop per square inch applications when used along with the activator spray. When filling cracks, gaps, and leaks with Lucky Squirt instant bonding glue, larger volumes of adhesive may be required to fill the empty holes. When this happens the dry time is slowed down. The more glue you use the longer the dry time. So therefore, the larger volumes of filler powder need to be used to also fill these empty holes. If you follow this rule, then the filler powder from Fill Fix will speed up the thicker Lucky Squirt gel.

Super Glue Instant Solutions

Using the Lucky Squirt accelerator works to rapidly fix broken auto parts and it dries faster than super glue by accelerating the dry time of Lucky Squirt glue.

Not only does the Accelerator speed up the dry time of the glue, it also works to prime the desired broken part you are trying to fix. Which instant bond super glue works the best?

Super glue by itself takes a few minutes to dry. But when you use an accelorator spray you rapidly increase the dry time from minutes into seconds. We sprayed the accelerator on a dry surface and pressed the thick cyanoacrylate glue to that surface and found that we created an instant bond. It cures CA glue in seconds.

There are a lot of different brands of CA glue and accelerator out there on the market today. We tried several different brands and found they mainly work the same.

The main problem is that when instant bond super glue dries too fast, you’ll end up with whitening or “hazing” of the bonding surface. And when you are working on a vehicle in the automotive industry, this creates an undesirable effect. We discovered a brand with a specially formulated CA accelerator is made to dry slightly slower than other accelerators on the market to prevent this effect. This brand is called Lucky Squirt.

LUCKY SQUIRT uses a liquid activator spray that bonds in an instant with a dry time of less than an impressive 10 seconds.

What’s even more amazing is that these two products actually work together. You can use Lucky Squirt Glue with the Filler powder of Fill fix and spray it with the accelerator spray to achieve amazing results. This information is not redily available anywhere on the interent. Based on our testing, we found that the thicker gel glue from Lucky Squirt can be used to fill larger gaps that the thin CA glue from Fill Fix cannot fill. If you use the thick glue from LUCKY SQUIRT and apply the filler powder from FILL FIX, the dry time will slow down, but you can still fix large gaps or cracks. You can speed up the dry time to thirty seconds by adding the filler powder to the thick Lucky Squirt glue, and then you can increase the dry time even faster by adding the thin Fill Fix glue on top of that. By repeating the process you can build up the thickness of the bond, and achieve optimal results and finish off the entire process by squirting the accelerator spray on to the area you have just fixed. And if you follow these instructions you will find that you can fill larger gaps. You can also use the thin glue from FILL FIX to fill in the smaller cracks and crevices. In this way you will create an Instant Bond that dries in seconds! Lucky Squirt Accelerator is used to significantly speed up the drying time of cyanoacrylate super glues but it is not always needed. If you use the Fill Fix filler powder you will also accelerate drying time to create an instant bond that.

One Simple Trick to create an Instant Bond?

If the surface is not clean, then the glue may easily break off, absorbing and activating to the dirt or dust or grease. The surface contaminants are absorbed into the glue gel and the solution is much simpler than you would think. Just apply the glue again. You will be amazed that you don’t even need to clean it the second time because the dirt has already been stripped by the glue on the first application. Amazing glue right?

Dirt and oils may have adverse reactions with the glue resulting in a weaker bond.

Imagine two puddles of water: one on a marble floor and another on a concrete floor. The water will evaporate faster off of a concrete floor than a nicely polished marble floor. In the same way, a clean surface has more area for the glue to fall into and thus the glue dries much faster.

We recommend using accetone to clean the surface for beast results. If you are in a hurry at your auto shop, you can use break cleaner.

Pro Auto Shop Tip

At times, the cold temperature is something you can use to your advantage. If you plan to FIX or FILL a deep cavity or a porous object with thin Fill Fix or thick Lucky Squirt and want to ensure that the Lucky Squirt glue reaches the bottom before it sets up, use the glue straight out of the refrigerator or a freezer before it reaches room temperature. The glue dries slower at colder temps. This should buy you some extra time in filling up the entire cavity. Also dropping some of the Filler Powder from Fill Fix down the cavity first will help secure the bond and speed up the activation process once the glue fills up the broken gap.

Check out our section on molding to see how you can use tape to create molds.

Cold Temp – store cyanoacrylate

In colder temperature, the drying time of Lucky Squirt glue will be significantly delayed.

Keep this in mind during the colder seasons. In addition, if you store your glues in a refrigerator or a freezer (which is highly recommended to prolong the shelf life of Lucky Squirt glue), let the glue warm up to room temperature before using. Just set it on the shelf or take the glue out of the fridge and hold onto it for a few minutes. This will warm up the bottle.

Like other glues Fill Fix and Lucky Squirt do have some minor toxicity. So please use gloves, and do not get it in your eyes or mouth and keep it away from children. For more information you can visit their website www.fillfix.com

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