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BYK-GARDNER USA: Laboratory-Scale Dispersing and Milling

The new CV3evo dissolver, manufactured by VMA Getzmann, has a completely new design for adaptation to new and extended customer requests and requirements. The redesign includes a compact, smaller design with higher functionality such as a closed worktop, unique lifting column, integrated control panel, large color display with light-up buttons and system adaptability. The CV3evo has optional modular components for more flexibility to accommodate future growth and scaling up of processes for R&D in production. It keeps the same price point as the old model to bring improvements with no additional cost. 

“The Cv3evo sets a new standard in laboratory scale dispersing and milling. Upscaling from lab to production is made easy with the new CV3evo control panel,” said Andreas Stummer, director of sales for BYK-Gardner, USA.

The Dispermat CV3evo product line offers both a Basic and Advanced model, which can be converted by optional accessory options to perform media milling, dispersing under vacuum, or homogenization by a rotor-stator, and is equipped with new standard and optional adaptable features. 

The new product line includes a complete new compact design with integrated control panel, large color display with light-up buttons and system adaptability, improved handling and safety by closed worktop, improved safety by integrated DisperSafe that covers the work area, clamping system, and emergency stop safety functions for all Dissolvers, self-developed unique lifting column with improved stability separation of control electronics and power electronics to ensure an improved electromagnetic compatibility, consequent redundant architecture for high-level safety with performance-level PLd according to EN ISO 13849 for all safety functions, and ertified safety standard by TÜV Nord cert GmbH

Basic Model features include: CV3-Control (limited version of existing C-control), a work plate that is larger and closed made out of stainless steel for more safety and better cleaning, improved clamping arms and easy adjustable in height, and changeable rubber covers at the clamping area. 

The Advanced Model offers these additional features: CV3-Control – complete version for full functionality, record and transfer data, switch-off parameters, process and upscale control parameters, power compensation, and user management; an integrated lamp; an integrated scale that displays on screen, and an interface for WinDispLite. 

Learn more about BYK-Gardner at www.byk-instruments.com

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