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CHARLES ROSS & SON CO.: Double Planetary Mixer

Fully rebuilt to perform like new, ROSS-reconditioned double planetary mixers are dependable for high-viscosity and heavy-duty applications. The reconditioned Model DPM-4 has been meticulously restored to as-new working condition and offers the same standard one-year warranty as a new ROSS Mixer.

Especially effective for thick and sticky semi-solids, the patented High Viscosity (HV) Blades rotate on their own axes, while orbiting the mixing vessel on a common axis. The blades continuously advance along the periphery of the vessel, pushing materials forward and downward, while transporting product from the sidewalls to the interior. They are lowered and raised from the mix vessel by an air/oil hydraulic lift. Safety limit switches prevent the operation of the drive when the stirrers are in the raised position or when the mix can is removed. This DPM-4 is rated for vacuum up to 29.5”Hg and also allows for heating/cooling of the batch through the jacketed mix vessel.

Companies that currently have older ROSS Mixers that may have an interest in having their existing equipment reconditioned can visit www.mixers.com.

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