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CLARIANT: Light and Heat Stabilizers

AddWorks IBC 760 technology is an innovative label-free light and heat stabilizer solution for SMP sealants. It offers improved processing and handling properties, while reducing the cracking and yellowing that typically occurs during exposure to strong sunlight or high-temperature conditions. AddWorks IBC 760 is also a safe and effective solution that meets the high standards of customers and the industry.

“We’re also delighted to introduce the newest addition to Clariant’s portfolio of light and heat stabilizers for SMP sealants: AddWorks IBC 760,” said Ray Gonzales, head of Marketing Coatings & Adhesives, Business Unit Adsorbents and Additives. “This technology surpasses the performance of current benzotriazole-containing solutions in the market, and it offers improved protection against UV and thermal degradation.”

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