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Coherix Launches Workshop on Dispensing Systems

Michigan-based Coherix has launched a quarterly workshop program for automotive and consumer-electronics engineers to improve the increasingly important application of adhesives and sealants in product-manufacturing operations. The unique program brings together engineers from a variety of industries to discuss and improve the development of dispensing systems that help to annually assemble billions of products around the world.

Nearly 20 engineers representing automakers, robotics companies, dispensing-equipment manufacturers and system integrators attended the first workshop at Coherix headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Registration for the next program on Wednesday, July 31, is available online at https://coherix.com/tdse-workshop/#register. Attendance is free of charge but limited.

The quarterly sessions are moderated by Terry Taylor, a dispensing-systems expert with more than 25 years of experience. Taylor currently manages the Coherix Dispensing System Engineering Team. The program is being held in cooperation with the Engineering and Manufacturing Alliance (EMA). More information about the EMA is available at EMA.

“The development of a trouble-free dispensing system is a complex process involving robots, adhesive-dispensing equipment and process-control software,” notes Dwight Carlson, Coherix chairman and CEO. “It’s been an art form up until now, but we hope to inject more science and inter-company cooperation into the process through these quarterly meetings.”

A pioneer in the development of 3D-enabled adaptive-process-control technology, Coherix provides high-performance adhesive-dispensing inspection technology to global OEMs, tier-one suppliers, line builders, dispensing-equipment companies and vision-system integrators in a variety of industries. Nearly 150 of the world’s leading automakers and tier-one automotive suppliers are Coherix customers with more than 4,000 dispensing systems equipped with Coherix 3D computer-vision technology installed on manufacturing and assembly lines around the world. The company also has operations in China, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Singapore. More information is available at www.coherix.com.

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