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COTRONICS CORP.: Sticky Tape | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

The new Cotronics’ Thermeez™ 397PS is a thermally (up to 1500ºF) insulating, woven, ceramic sticky tape. It is an efficient, high temperature, thermally insulating, woven ceramic tape backed with high temperature, pressure sensitive adhesive that’s easy to align and simple to apply. The adhesive backing simplifies tape placement and assures a neat and uniform installation for any thermal and electrical insulation application.

It can be useful for any industrial, maintenance, research, and production applications, including insulating wires, thermocouples, induction coils, sensors, tongs and glass-handling equipment, handling molten metals, hose or wire covers, flange gaskets, expansion joints, oven door seals, pipe wrapping, welding, and molten metal splash protection.

To learn more, visit www.cotronics.com.

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