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Curbside-Recyclable Tape Offers Sustainable Carton Sealing

From minimizing greenhouse gases to reducing material waste, an increasing number of global corporations are looking for ways to make a positive impact on the environment — and packaging is becoming a large part of that conversation. While cartons have been both recyclable and made from recycled materials for years, most packaging tape has not been. And the few recyclable tapes on the market generally did not provide the strength and endurance needed to guarantee safe transportation of products, forcing corporations to choose between going green and tape performance.

Shurtape®’s CR 400 Performance Grade Curbside Recyclable Paper Packaging Tape allows users to choose a sustainable tape solution without sacrificing case sealing performance.

The recyclable packaging tape is a performance-grade curbside recyclable paper packaging tape that offers:

  • Secure Seals: With excellent quick stick and high holding power, the curbside-recyclable paper packaging tape offers the same quality, durability, and reliability companies expect from Shurtape packaging solutions.
  • Versatility: The tape can be used in both manual and automated carton sealing applications, including adhering to hard-to-stick-to and highly recycled cartons.
  • Recycling Ease: The packaging tape has been verified as curbside recyclable by Western Michigan University, meaning it can be recycled right on the box, adding fiber to the process, so there is no need to remove the tape from the box before it’s sent to the recycling center.

The recyclable packaging tape is constructed with FSC®-certified paper (FSC-C154304) and an aggressive adhesive to deliver a more sustainable tape solution with the same strength and reliability that Shurtape packaging tapes are known for. The tape has high cross-directional strength and is resistant to curling, abrasion, and water.

Additionally, the tape delivers a quick stick and excellent holding power and meets FDA specifications for indirect food contact.

“Choosing sustainable packaging does not mean you should sacrifice the features you need to keep your line running, like quality, performance and durability,” said Joe Garvey, industrial product manager, Packaging, at Shurtape. “We have taken that to heart and designed our curbside recyclable packaging tape to address the emerging need for sustainable solutions for end-of-line packaging while delivering the same strength, quality and reliability demanded of Shurtape Packaging Solutions.”

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