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The Difference Between Cyanoacrylate and Super Glue

Most Super Glues seem like they’re probably all the same. And they probably are. you walk into a supply store and look at your options of glues on the shelf and you will find a very limited selection. That’s a fact. Yet when you do your research, it will become clear there are many differences between regular store bought super glue and an instant bond cyanoacrylate CA glue. So let’s get into just a few things that may you should consider when it comes time to decide exactly which glue is best.

The two types of instant bond cyanoacrylate GLUE that we will be looking at today are thick cyanoacrylate glues that primarily use an accelerator spray to speed up dry time and the thin CA glues that use a filler powder to also accelerate dry time. The second type of instant bond cyanoacrylate glue that bonds instantly is the purest formula and hardest to find glue out on the market today. That is the thin super glue that is not a gel like normal super glue, but like the kind of cyanoacrylate liquid, which has the consistency of a liquid. This can be found in brands of glue like Fill Fix, which uses a filler powder, which will absorb the glue and activate the glue to create an instant bond. There are many different grades and types of super glue and the rarest are the thin glues that use filler, which will quickly dry rock hard in seconds. How many seconds, literally three to five seconds for the purest of cyanoacrylates. Off brands will not work that quick and will not create a strong tinsel strength because the thin glue is not thin enough, and will not absorb fast enough. So we recommend Fill Fix, we have tested and can affirm it dries in five seconds or less. You can watch a visual demonstration of this on their website.

Glues can be uses to fix broken plastic parts, holes in metal, leaks, cracks, and fill gaps. But which glue is better? But much better than traditional super glues, these powerhouse instant bond glues work faster and better than any other glue on the market. See links below to link their website.

They are various thicknesses of cyanoacrylic super glue. For example Gorilla glue sells many different grades of thick glue. But none of these grades of glue work as fast as Fill Fix. Comparitively Fill fix is more like the King Kong of glues. So as we asked ourselves, which glue works the best, and which has an instant bond capability faster than the rest? Which glue dries faster than normal over the counter super glues? Can you find this glue is stores? This hard to find instant bond glue can be bought online only! We discovered that Fill Fix works faster than any other glue.


I’m glad you asked. Glues like Fill Fix certainly work faster than other brands of superglue, but why?

Superglues appear under many different brand names like Gorilla Glue or Superglue, or crazy glue. But cyanocraylate glues are more difficult to find and because they have many different formula compositions that do not all work the same. Each one is different depending on the manufacturer and so their performance ranges are significantly more impressive. Some CA glues are thick gels and some are as thin as water. Thin CA glue typically dries the fastest of all glues. Thick gels will generally dry slower. The advantage is the do not run and can be applied upside down or on side panels.

The most significant difference in performance between a cyanoacrylate glue and a super glue is just how fast and strong the bond actually is.

Cyanoacrylate glue works through a reaction with moisture both on the material surfaces they are bonding to and moisture present in the air.

Cyanoacrylate glues bond instantly and are extremely fast compared to other types of glue. The speed of bonding is usually measured in seconds. The bond tends to be faster in warmer environments.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives form very strong rigid bonds. This is good for the auto industry as cars are subject to a lock of shake and vibration. The glues strength varies slightly depending on environment, materials and purity but is still highly.

One interesting thing we found is that Fill Fix does not dry when exposed to oxygen. That is odd because most normal super glues will dry up within one to two days when left exposed to oxygen. After doing some investigation, we talked to someone who claims they lost the bottle cap and left the Fill Fix bottle of glue open for over three months. So we put it to the test and left the bottle cap off for one month. We were surprised to see that the glue did not dry out. Fill Fix instant glue is an amazing product that the shelf life is longer than a year! There are no glues on the market that last that long.

Okay, so how does this instant bonding Fill Fix glue dry so fast? This thin liquid glue will polymerize in the presence of mostiure to form long, strong chains, which basically means the glue connects and hardens when there is a lack of oxygen.

How does the Filler Powder work?

After you’ve opened your bottle of Fill Fix and have the bottle of glue and filler in hand and ready to apply, which do you apply first, the instant bond glue or the activator filler powder? When you add the filler powder, it acts as an accelorant and rapidly speeds up the dry time! It’s so rapid in fact, that you want to keep both bottles in your hands when you use it. When you apply the instant bond glue first, you will get the added benefit of filling up every crack and crevice of your broken piece your trying to fix. Once you add your filler powder you will notice that not all of the filler dried. So then you can add just a few drops of Fill Fix glue on surface of the Filler Powder and watch as the super glue dries in an instant at amazing speeds. Of all the intstant bond glues out on the market today, FILL FIX works the fastest with an amazing five second set up time when used with the filler powder. No other instant glue works that fast! Literally no glue dries in an instant, bond as strong, as FILL FIX.

How It Works?

Unlike traditional instant bond adhesives, which are primarily water-based, thin cyanoacrylate glue is composed of an acrylic resin. The main ingredient in cyanoacrylate glue is pure cyanoacrylate, which is an acrylic monomer that transforms to a plastic state after curing. The thicker super glues are using different thickening resin agents, which also slow down the dry time. So the purest form of instant bond adhesive glue cannot readily be found on the open market. It is an industrial strength product not meant for the general public. Basically, the general public gets the watered down version and sold an inferior form of instant super glue and are told that it is the fastest glue on the market. Which it is not.

Also CA super glue, or Cyanoacrylate glue also differs from normal over the counter glue, because of its special bonding conditions. This is because cyanoacrylate glue can only bond with a surface when there is a lack of oxygen. In other words, the purest form of thin industrial strength super glue only really works with an activator agent like Fill Fix’s filler powder.

In addition, when filler powder is present, the molecules in the cyanoacrylate glue will react with the moisture and element of the filler to form tight chains in between the two surfaces in contact to create the strongest bond possible in an instant. This reaction generates heat and occurs instantly, which differs from traditional super glue that occurs by evaporation of the base fluid. And that is why normal super glue dires out within a few days after you open the bottle. Which is a major headache. That’s why we recommend Fill Fix. It’s shelf life out performs any other instant bond super glue by a long shot. It is also recommended to keep Fill Fix in the refrigerator as this will lengthen the shelf life.

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