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DuPont Renews Partnership with Silicon Catalyst as a Strategic Ecosystem Partner

Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating semiconductor solutions, announced today that DuPont has renewed its engagement as a Strategic Ecosystem Partner. Silicon Catalyst will continue to provide strategic insight for DuPont into startups developing the next generation of electronic technology, materials, and devices.

“Realizing the exciting potential of advanced computing applications such as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles is only possible with continued advancements in enabling materials, especially semiconductor materials,” said Randal King, vice president of R&D/Technology, DuPont Electronics & Industrial. “Engaging with Silicon Catalyst helps DuPont drive innovation through valued insights into emerging opportunities for semiconductor materials and new technologies they can enable. Silicon Catalyst has already introduced DuPont to more than a dozen startups in the materials sector and continues to expand its ecosystem.”

As a Strategic Ecosystem Partner, DuPont participates in a wide range of activities with Silicon Catalyst, including review of incubator applicants, directed projects for specialized market research, university collaborations and investment opportunities.

“We have worked closely with the DuPont team to identify and categorize focus areas in materials. In addition, they have participated in two rounds of evaluation of applicants. Their feedback has been very valuable,” said Managing Partner Dr. Atiye Bayman, Silicon Catalyst.

“Since collaborating with DuPont, Silicon Catalyst created a separate track to evaluate materials startups for incubation which has led to admitting startup companies through this track. We continue to grow our materials ecosystem and recently added ten key advisors with unique expertise in this area,” added Dr. Bayman.

To learn more, visit www.dupont.com and www.siliconcatalyst.com.

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