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Offering the highest reliability and quality for light-curing adhesive processes, OmniCure S2000 Elite redefines UV spot curing with enhanced productivity, precision and security, while enabling next-level control and usability for demanding manufacturing applications.  

Equipped with OmniCure’s proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback and Intelli-lamp® technologies to automatically monitor and maintain system optical output, the system features a high-speed mechanical shutter with extremely fast 30 ms response time to ensure a precise dose for any application. Equipped with advanced communication capabilities, manufacturers can effectively manage and monitor the system remotely to meet the changing demands of industry 4.0. The OmniCure S2000 Elite can be calibrated to maintain exposures set in peak irradiance (W/cm2) or optical power (W) when combined with an OmniCure R2000 radiometer.

A plug-and-play solution, the new system can be a direct drop-in replacement for the original S2000 systems with PLC integration through the use of an optional external adapter.

Learn more at www.excelitas.com/product/omnicure-s2000-elite-spot-uv-curing-system

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