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EXCELITAS: UV Spot Curing System

Excelitas Technologies has developed an enhanced version of the OmniCure S1500 — the S1500 Pro UV Spot Curing System. The new system offers control, reliability, and high intensity irradiance with a range of features tailored for automated manufacturing processes, such as high-throughput UV adhesive curing and automated bonding involved in micro-electronic and opto-electronic manufacturing applications. 

The system is equipped with StepCure 2.0®, enabling precise programming of multi-phase curing profiles with a user-friendly interface. The wide selection of user-interchangeable optical filters and lamp types provides additional flexibility for a diverse range of application needs. 

The new UV spot curing system has identical optical output power and spectrum to the previous generation, OmniCure S1500. Additionally included is NFC (Near Field Communication) for advanced process control with NFC-enabled keycards. It comes cleanroom-ready with a dedicated duct attachment area that simplifies connections for cleanroom use. 

“Excelitas is committed to continually innovating our OmniCure UV curing brand, so we are excited to build upon the established legacy of our S Series of Lamp Curing Systems with the launch of the S1500 Pro,” said Mike Kay, director product management, Excelitas. “Not only does the S1500 Pro offer the same reliability S1500 customers are already familiar with, but it includes new features to enhance interfacing and control. This provides industrial curing customers with efficient, controlled, and repeatable UV spot curing that keeps pace with the changing industry landscape, meeting the demands of a range of manufacturing applications.”

To learn more, visit www.excelitas.com.

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