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FEDRIGONI SELF-ADHESIVES: Compostable Label Material

Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives North America unveiled its latest breakthrough in sustainable packaging with the launch of a new compostable self-adhesive semi-gloss label paper. Engineered to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging solutions, this construction is ASTM D6400 certified for industrial composting. 

The key feature of the new compostable label material is the incorporation of the CP1 acrylic adhesive, specially formulated to ensure complete compostability without compromising on performance. This innovative, permanent adhesive enables the entire packaging, including the label, to be disposed of through industrial composting processes without any risk of contamination. The material’s super bright, semi-gloss construction prioritizes end-of-life considerations, allowing it to be recovered and transformed into valuable substances for the soil alongside other compostable materials.

“Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives is committed to driving sustainable innovation in the packaging industry,” said Melissa Harton, marketing manager North America. “Our new compostable label material represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide high-performance solutions that align with our customers’ sustainability goals.”

For more information about Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives and its additional sustainable range, visit https://selfadhesives.fedrigoni.com/sustainability/sustainable-solutions. For more information about The Fedrigoni Group, visit www.fedrigoni.com.  

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