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FLEXICON: Mobile Bulk Bag Discharger

A new mobile frame-mounted bulk bag discharger with flexible screw conveyor from Flexicon allows rapid, dust-free discharging and conveying of bulk solid materials at multiple plant locations.

The BULK-OUT® BFF Series discharger allows forklift-loading of bulk bags from 36 to 84 inches tall. A removable bag-lifting cradle with Z-CLIP™ strap holders allows bulk bags to be attached securely at floor level from an ergonomic standing height, and then forklifted into cradle cups on the discharge’s upright posts.

The bag spout is pulled through a 12-inch diameter iris valve which is then closed around the spout, preventing material flow. The spout can then be untied, the snap-action access door closed, and the valve released slowly, allowing controlled flow into the enclosed hopper through the bulk bag interface chute.

The hopper is vented to a BAG-VAC® dust collector that creates negative pressure within the sealed system to contain displaced air and dust, and vacuum any particles trapped in bag creases during disconnect. Reverse pulse air jets on a timed cycle dislodge material accumulated on the filters, returning it to the material stream.

The enclosed 5.5 cubic foot hopper is equipped with proximity level sensors, and a pneumatic vibrator assembly to promote flow of material to the conveyor. The outlet of the hopper charges the inlet of a BEV-CON® Flexible Screw Conveyor that propels free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials at a 45-degree incline in user-specified distances for discharging directly into processing equipment or storage vessels through 10-inch diameter downspout.

Mounted on a mobile base with support mast, the self-contained unit can be rolled to feed various locations or to a cleaning station. A lower clean-out cap on the conveyor tube can be removed to flush the smooth interior surfaces with steam, water, or cleaning solutions, or to fully remove the flexible screw for cleaning and inspection.

The system is available in carbon steel with durable industrial coating, with stainless steel material contact surfaces, or in all-stainless steel finished to industrial, food, dairy or pharmaceutical standards. Its NEMA 4 control panel with PLC allows manual and automatic start/stop and speed adjustment.

To learn more, visit www.flexicon.com.

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