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FRANKLIN ADHESIVES & POLYMERS: Removable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has launched a family of REACH-compliant emulsion removable PSAs with customizable performance balance.

Removable PSAs allow short-term bonding while offering the ability to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surfaces – such as paper, plastics, glass, metal, and painted surfaces. These PSAs are widely used in removable labels, signage, and graphics, as well as removable tape applications. Water-based PSAs have gained popularity compared to solvent-based PSAs due to their environmental benefits and the reduced total applied cost.

“We are excited to introduce this family of REACH-compliant emulsion removable PSAs.” said Zhaohui Sun, Vice President of Polymer Business. “The new additions to our removable product line show our commitment to innovation, customization and compliance. We designed a removable technology platform, which can be easily customized to different performance balances. This approach allows Franklin team to work closely with our customers and design the products for their specific applications and processes.”

The new emulsion removable PSAs include the following: 

  • Covinax 200-00: features a customizable base polymers, 24 hrs peel (Pli) is 1.1; look tack (lbf) is 1.7; and shear (h) – ½”x ½”x½kg – is 15. 
  • Covinax 200-01: features excellent removability from glass; 24 hrs peel (Pli) is 0.4, look tack (lbf) is 0.3 and shear (h) – ½”x ½”x½kg – is 45.
  • Covinax 270-10: features good low-temperature performance on various surfaces; 24 hrs peel (Pli) is 1, look tack (lbf) is 1.2 and shear (h) – ½”x ½”x½kg – is 30.
  • Covinax 240-20: features good adhesion to textured or rough surfaces; 24 hrs peel (Pli) is 1.4, look tack (lbf) is 1.4 and shear (h) – ½”x ½”x½kg – is 10.

More information on the company’s Covinax product line – and other high-performance removable, permanent and specialty PSAs for different surfaces – is available on franklinadhesivesandpolymers.com.

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