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Huber Advanced Materials Reaches Sustainability Milestone

Huber Advanced Materials — a business unit of the Huber Engineered Materials division of J.M. Huber Corp. — has achieved another major milestone in its sustainability journey. A leader in halogen-free fire-retardant additives, specialty aluminas, and organic matting agents, Huber Advanced Materials has completed cradle-to-gate life cycle analyses (LCAs) for greater than 90% of its entire product portfolio. Included in the portfolio are its aluminum hydroxides, calcined aluminas, activated aluminas, and its Vertex® magnesium hydroxides. Huber Advanced Materials reports that it will share LCA data with customers upon request to support customers’ sustainability efforts. 

Huber Advanced Materials reports that the company is making continuous investments to further reduce its environmental footprint. Examples of recent and ongoing sustainability projects include an investment into a modern natural gas-fired cogeneration plant at its Martinswerk site in Germany, scheduled for start-up early 2025, and a solar array at its Marblehead site in Illinois. Impacts of ongoing and upcoming sustainability projects on LCA data will be communicated on a continuous basis to customers.

To learn more, visit www.huber.com or www.huberadvancedmaterials.com

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