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Knowde Announces Record Financial Results for 2023

Knowde announced record financial results for 2023, driven by the launch of software solutions that enable chemical suppliers and distributors to deliver an improved customer experience on their own websites and continued marketplace growth.

“Our goal is to transform the entire industry,” said Ali Amin-Javaheri, CEO of Knowde. “There has been a generational shift on the buyers’ side, where research and development and procurement teams are getting younger and are looking to do more online. It’s critical for suppliers and distributors to have effective tools to find and engage these customers online.”

During 2023, Knowde introduced product information management (PIM) and customer experience platform offerings designed to help suppliers and distributors transform their websites. Several suppliers have already announced the selection of Knowde’s customer portal technology to power their own websites, including Callisons, Sensapure Flavors, and Gateway Food Products.

“Before a company can achieve digital transformation, it must solve the problem of disorganized product data. Knowde’s core strength is the ability to take unstructured product information and create a database that makes it easier for buyers to find information. That data can be pushed anywhere, whether it’s our marketplace or a company’s website, where it can be combined with our full-featured customer experience platform,” said Amin-Javaheri.

For the second consecutive year, Knowde recorded significant growth in user activity on its marketplace. More than 2.9 million unique online visitors – a 100% increase year-on year, and an average of 241,000 per month – utilized Knowde to discover ingredients and raw materials and gain access to technical experts during 2023. This includes customers from innovative companies in every industry, including Unilever, 3M, Estee Lauder, and Procter & Gamble.

“With more R&D and procurement professionals using Knowde to source raw materials and alternative suppliers, we continue to see increases in sample and quote requests, sales leads, and online transactions,” said Amin-Javaheri. Knowde has more than 8,000 supplier storefronts and 230,000 ingredients, polymers, and chemical products listed on its platform. 

To help advance digitalization in the industry, Knowde introduced several initiatives during 2023 including, an executive summit for industry leaders, an executive interview series featuring forward-thinking executives who share their insights on digitalization topics, and a digital innovation award to recognize companies that are advancing digital technology.

Additionally, Amin-Javaheri provided insights regarding digital transformation topics for The Chemical Show, The Chemical Week podcast, The ICIS Chemical Business Think Tank, and The Adhesives & Sealants Industry podcast.

To learn more, visit www.knowde.com.

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