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MACTAC: Medical Tapes | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Mactac® is expanding its medical tape offering for direct skin, device assembly, and wearable applications with the addition of four new products. The high-performance tapes feature a unique, solvent-free acrylic adhesive. 

The products (TM8610, TM8650, TM1060 and TM1064) are designed for direct skin contact and tout a highly unique solvent-free acrylic adhesive known as Mactac MP-160. The specially formulated adhesive provides an excellent combination of long-term hold and gentle removal from skin. The tapes are available in double-sided tape constructions and as transfer adhesives.  

Janet Page, business unit manager, Mactac Engineered Tapes & Laminates, explained, “Mactac recognized a need in the medical market for an acrylic adhesive portfolio that combines durability, holding power and performance. Our new tapes with MP-160 adhesive deliver all three.”  

The high-performance, double-sided tapes TM8610 and TM8650 offer superior conformability in low and high adhesive thickness options. Transfer tapes TM1060 and TM1064 feature 2- and 4-mil constructions, a robust release liner, and excellent moisture-vapor transmission rates (MVTR) for applications requiring breathability. 

The full offering of Mactac medical-grade film tapes and transfer films includes single-coated films, double-coated films, and transfer adhesives. Products remove from skin cleanly without causing irritation and are EtO and Gamma sterilizable, latex-free, bio-compatible, and compatible with most drape materials. Medical products are independently tested following ISO-10993 guidelines and have a two-year shelf life.  

Learn more about Mactac medical products, visit www.mactac.com/medical.

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