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medmix Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit in China

Dispensing equipment provider medmix recently noticed that the products sold by Shanghai NSJ Hardware Ltd (the “Shanghai NSJ”) are similar to medmix’s products, i.e. the QUADRO™ brand industrial mixers featuring the company’s proprietary advanced mixing technologies (QUADRO [medmix.swiss]). 

Upon this discovery, medmix declared that all materials sold by Shanghai NSJ are not purchased from medmix. The company reports that it is the registered owner of a variety of IP rights protecting its QUADRO™ brand industrial mixers in many countries worldwide, including Chinese patent CN101829512B. medmix has therefore filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Shanghai NSJ at Shanghai Intellectual Property Court. The legal proceeding is currently on-going.

It is noted that in 2015, medmix (formerly Sulzer Mixpac, “Mixpac”) successfully litigated the Chinese patent on the interface of the F-system mixers with a quick and easy to secure and release bayonet coupling, as well another patent on the Quadro System Peeler Cartridges, in Shanghai No.2 Intermediate Court against Shanghai NSJ Hardware Ltd. of Shanghai, China. Those two cases ended with a court-mediated settlement in favor of Mixpac in which NSJ agreed to immediately stop infringing the patents of Mixpac, to pay Mixpac damages for the infringement, and to contribute to Mixpac’s legal costs for the litigation.  

The medmix group has a policy of vigorously protecting its intellectual property rights and protecting its customers from the risks of counterfeits and illegal copies. Using the original green and white QUADRO mixers minimize the business risk and animal health risk with the application. This is ensured by the use of the company’s latest proprietary mixing technologies incorporated in its mixers. Best application results avoid subsequent repair work as well as complaints and returns to the best possible extent. QUADRO mixers have proven themselves for many years in a wide range of applications. Customer service from the original manufacturer, medmix, and its trusted suppliers worldwide provide the appropriate support.

In order to ensure the safety of products, it is recommended to purchase our products through appropriate formal channels. Learn more about medmix and its products at www.medmix.swiss

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