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Nordson Electronics Solutions Will Showcase New Plasma Treatment and Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems at SEMICON China 2024

Nordson Electronics Solutions will demonstrate their latest plasma treatment and automated fluid dispensing systems for electronics manufacturing at SEMICON China 2024, held at the New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China, March 20 – 23, 2024.  Nordson will be displaying at booth #3645.

Plasma removes impurities and activates surfaces to enhance flow and adhesion for improved semiconductor package reliability. Fluid dispensing provides adhesion, structural integrity, thermal and electrical conductivity, in microelectronics manufacturing applications. Equipment in the booth will include:

•    The MARCH FlexTRAK®-CD plasma system — delivers high-throughput plasma processing of strip-type components for semiconductor manufacturing applications, such as leadframe or laminate strips presented in magazines. 

•    The ASYMTEK Vantage® fluid dispensing system — used for applications in wafer-level packaging and panel-level packaging during semiconductor manufacturing. The Vantage system dispenses precise, fine lines to meet requirements for underfill, gap fill, sealing lines for fan-out/fan-in, strips, and module assembly. 

Experts will be ready to answer questions, discuss industry trends, and help navigate the challenges of electronics manufacturing to enhance efficiency, precision, and reliability across manufacturing projects. 

To learn more, visit www.nordson.com.

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