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OQ Chemicals Halts Production of Several Products After a Disruption at a Raw Material Supplier

OQ Chemicals has declared Force Majeure for certain products manufactured at the Oberhausen, Germany site due to a significant disruption at a raw material supplier. The disruption occurred at a raw material supplier’s synthesis gas unit located at the OQ Chemicals’ Oberhausen site. The site partner produces technical gases, including synthesis gas, which is supplied to OQ Chemicals as raw material for further processing. The affected unit of the raw material supplier was automatically shut down. Four people underwent precautionary medical examinations and were discharged from the hospital the same day.

The halt in synthesis gas production leads to supply constraints for certain products manufactured by OQ Chemicals in Oberhausen until further notice, including Isobutyraldehyde, n‑Butyraldehyde, n‑Butanol, i‑Butanol, 2‑Ethylhexanol, n‑Butyl acetate, n‑Butylamine (all grades), TCD Alcohol DM, Neopentyl Glycol, n‑Propionaldehyde, Isovaleraldehyde, 2‑Methylbutyric acid, 2‑Ethylhexanoic acid, n‑Butyric acid, Isobutyric acid, Isononanoic acid, Isopentanoic acid, Isovaleric acid, n‑Valeric acid, OXSOFT 3G8, and OXFILM 351.

Currently, OQ Chemicals is unable to provide more detailed information on the duration of the situation. However, the company has already informed its customers and is actively working to minimize the impact on supply chains and resume production as soon as possible.

To learn more, visit www.chemicals.oq.com.

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