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RadTech Announces the Election of Three New Board Members

Professor Christopher N. Bowman, the University of Colorado; Dr. Dianne Poster, United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology; and Jeremy Smith, Corporate Innovation Office of Nagase Holdings America have been elected to the RadTech board for a two-year term, 2024-2025. 

“With the continued rapid technical and market advancement of UV+EB technologies, we are pleased to welcome our new, outstanding board members,” said Michael Gould, RadTech president, RAHN USA. “In 2024, the RadTech Board and membership will continue educational efforts to not only encourage the development of new materials, processes, and applications but to better inform policy makers, regulators, and the general public about the importance of UV+EB to advanced, responsible manufacturing.”

RadTech thanked its outgoing board members, Evan Benbow of Nazdar and Karl Swanson of PCT Ebeam and Integration, for their leadership and service. 

Continuing RadTech officers and board members are: 

•    Michael Gould RAHN USA, president

•    Mike Bonner, St. Clair Systems, incoming president

•    Susan Bailey, Michelman, immediate past president 

•    Todd Fayne, PepsiCo, secretary

•    Paul Elias, Miwon, treasurer

•    David Biro, Sun Chemical 

•    Neil Cramer, Sartomer

•    David Engberg, Perstorp

•    Jonathan Graunke, INX Intl

•    Jennifer Heathcote, GEW   

•    Sudhakar Madhusoodhanan, Applied Materials

•     Eric Nelson, 3M

•    Jake Staples, Wausau Coated Products, Inc.

•    Dan Theiss, Procter & Gamble

•    David Walker, PrintFoam

To learn more, visit www.radtech.org.

Get the opportunity to meet the new board members at the 2024 RadTech Conference, May 20-22, Orland Florida. 

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