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Registration Opens for 2024 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

Leading polyurethane industry professionals and experts from all across the globe will meet September 30 to October 2, at the Omni Hotel at Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia, for the 2024 Polyurethanes Technical Conference. The conference, hosted by the American Chemistry Council’s Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI), will feature educational sessions and the latest innovations in polyurethane chemistry.

“This year we are excited to feature new, thought-provoking topics that are key to the polyurethanes industry,” said Lee Salamone, senior director, CPI. “This conference reflects the exciting changes in the industry and brings to the forefront the dynamic regulatory landscape, breakthrough technology, and the continued commitment to product stewardship.” 

Organizers report that the conference will highlight issues such as the circular economy, biobased and renewable materials, and the decarbonization of buildings. Regulatory updates and insights on what drives demand for polyurethane products will be incorporated throughout various aspects of the conference such as technical sessions, key speakers, and more. 

In addition, some of the education opportunities at the conference are attending technical sessions and participating in the Professional Development Program (PDP). This year’s conference will offer both in-person and virtual sessions of the PDP. A new virtual course, E-Mobility, will focus on how polyurethanes contribute to the manufacturing of electric vehicles as well as other leading technologies.

“Each year it’s fantastic to have the industry’s top minds come together to showcase the latest innovations and discuss pressing regulatory issues,” said Jinghang Wu, BASF, this year’s conference chair. “I am thrilled that CPI continues to offer new PDP courses each year and this year’s course on E-Mobility couldn’t be timelier. Polyurethane manufacturers continue to invest in R&D and demonstrate how this versatile chemistry can be a solution for creating more sustainable products.” 

Click here to register for the event. Learn more about the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) here. Visit www.americanchemistry.com to learn more about the American Chemistry Council. 

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