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ROBATECH: Adhesive Application System | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Robatech is expanding its range with new EasyLine products. With this addition, Robatech is providing a small, practical adhesive application system for simple hot melt applications that is easy to operate and maintain. EasyLine allows thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives to be applied with proven Robatech quality.

The new application system can be used to glue trays easily and securely, fold boxes, paper cups, paper sleeves for ice cream cones, or similar products. The EasyLine range features the new Easy adhesive melter, the Rio heated hose and the Twist jetting head. 

“In developing EasyLine, Robatech focused on functional minimalism while integrating completely new features that hugely simplify installation and commissioning as well as operation and maintenance,” said André Laubacher, responsible product manager at Robatech. “This includes plug-and-play connections and being able to maintain the adhesive filter on the heated hose instead of the application head. That’s what makes the system so convenient.”

To learn more, visit www.robatech.com.

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