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Sun Chemical Announces Pigment and Pigment Dispersions Price Adjustments

Sun Chemical recently announced the company will introduce price adjustments for its pigments and pigment dispersions. The new prices will begin April 1, 2024, or as contractually permitted. 

According to Sun Chemical, these price adjustments are implemented in response to rising labor costs, global inflation, and continuously elevated energy expenses over the past 18 months. Despite certain mitigating factors in raw material costs, there have not been sufficient price reductions to offset the overall financial pressures. Primarily impacting products produced in Europe, North America, and Japan, the price increase will impact most of Sun Chemical’s pigments portfolio. 

“As a leading global supplier of pigments and pigment dispersions, Sun Chemical is committed to limiting rising costs wherever possible,” said Stefan Sütterlin, president of color materials, Sun Chemical. “However, the current magnitude of inflationary impacts necessitates new price adjustments. Sun Chemical will communicate specific price changes directly to its customers. These increases supplement previously communicated measures.”

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