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New Frontiers in the Safety Assessment of Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes

In an ever-evolving industrial landscape, advances in material technology are crucial to meet growing demands. Double-sided adhesive tapes are increasingly coming into focus as indispensable components across various industries. Previously, mechanical joining techniques such as screws, rivets, and welding were dominant. However, with the emergence of lighter materials, more complex designs, and the pursuit of […]

Dow Begins Operations of Adhesive and Gap Filler Production Line at Site in Germany

Dow recently announced the mechanical completion of its new VORATRON™ Polyurethanes Systems adhesive and gap filler production line at its Polyurethanes Systems House in Ahlen, Germany. The company reports that it will increase capacity of its VORATRON Polyurethane Systems product family tenfold, ensuring it can meet increasing demand for these materials in battery assembly solutions […]

Henkel’s Wash-Off Adhesive for PET-Packaging Receives Recyclability Certificate

Henkel’s adhesive solution Aquence PS 3017 RE has received certification by the independent cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI), confirming the recyclability of the packaging component. Designed as a sustainable solution, it is a water-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) designed for the olefinic filmic labels used for wash-off polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. Its wash-off performance allows labels […]

SYENSQO: Aerospace Adhesive | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

AeroPaste® 1003 from Syensqo is a new grade of the company’s epoxy-based structural paste adhesives, joining the AeroPaste 1006 and 1100 products. According to Syensqo, the aerospace adhesive will increase part assembly efficiency and provide great processing flexibility, making it ideal for targeted high production rates in markets such as advanced air mobility, commercial aerospace, […]

Industry Leaders Partner to Reduce Emissions in Adhesive Products

Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Kraton Corp., and Dow Inc. have achieved a reduction in product carbon footprint for two of Henkel’s North American flagship products for end-of-line packaging. The products are TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 100 and TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 106M. The TECHNOMELT SUPRA 100 LE and TECHNOMELT SUPRA 106M LE formulas are designed with biobased alternatives that reduce […]

APOC: Roof Tile Adhesive | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

A one-component polyurethane foam adhesive, APOC Polyset RTA-1 is designed to bond concrete and clay roofing tiles to approved underlayment for new construction and repair. Offering several advantages over traditional fastening methods, the adhesive is fast and easy to use, almost eliminates deck penetrations and tile damage caused by traditional fasteners, and prevents tile chattering.  […]

DAP: Premium Hybrid Construction Adhesive

DAP has introduced the new HD Max Construction Adhesive, a premium hybrid formula with polyurethane strength that provides superior durability and powerful adhesion even in extreme temperatures. Built for the toughest applications, DAP’s HD Max is the first hybrid construction adhesive on the market available in a 28-fluid oz. cartridge, making it an excellent value […]

Adhesive for Biosensors | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Based on a long-proven consumer electronics adhesive featuring low-temperature curing and drop resistance, a new medical-grade adhesive expands upon its capabilities with non-cytotoxicity. The addition helps the adhesive meet the standards (DIN EN ISO 10993-5) necessary to classify it as a medical-grade adhesive. DELO MONOPOX MG3727 is reportedly tailored ideally for use in the assembly […]

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