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RAMPF Advanced Polymers Officially Begins Operations

RAMPF Advanced Polymers, the new company of the international RAMPF Group, officially started operations on Monday, July 1. RAMPF Advanced Polymers was established by merging RAMPF Eco Solutions, RAMPF Polymer Solutions, and RAMPF Tooling Solutions. RAMPF Group reports that with a large product and solution portfolio, global R&D capacities, and a pioneering closed-loop recycling approach, the […]

Huber Advanced Materials Reaches Sustainability Milestone

Huber Advanced Materials — a business unit of the Huber Engineered Materials division of J.M. Huber Corp. — has achieved another major milestone in its sustainability journey. A leader in halogen-free fire-retardant additives, specialty aluminas, and organic matting agents, Huber Advanced Materials has completed cradle-to-gate life cycle analyses (LCAs) for greater than 90% of its […]

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