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Arkema Achieves Mass Balance ISCC Plus Certification at Clear Lake Facility

Specialty chemicals leader Arkema announced another significant milestone in the decarbonization of its acrylic production chain worldwide, as the company obtains ISCC PLUS certification for its acrylic monomers production facility located in Clear Lake, Texas. The certification of the Clear Lake facility follows the same certifications in Taixing, China in January of 2024 and in […]

Arkema Reinforces Commitment to Biodiversity

Three years after signing the charter formalizing its membership of the act4nature international program, Arkema has set itself new ambitions in its commitment to biodiversity. A responsible manufacturer since its creation, Arkema reports that the company acts daily to reduce its energy and water consumption, promote renewable resources and the circular economy, preserve non-renewable natural […]

Arkema Buys Dow’s Flexible Packaging Laminating Adhesives Business

Arkema has agreed to acquire Dow’s flexible packaging laminating adhesives business, a leading producer of adhesives for the flexible packaging market, generating annual sales of around $250 million. According to Arkema, the proposed acquisition will significantly expand its portfolio of solutions for flexible packaging, enabling the group to become a key player in the market. […]

Arkema Marks 30 Years of Recycling Specialty Polymers

Arkema is celebrating 30 years of specialty polymer recycling and is expanding its certified range. The company operates Agiplast, a high-performance polymer recycler/regenerator that became part of the Arkema group in 2021. Agiplast is a global leader in the recycling of high-performance thermoplastics since 1994. Within Agiplast, Arkema’s Virtucycle® custom recycling program has now developed […]

Arkema Partners with ISMERT to Reduce Acrylic Products’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Arkema announced a partnership with the carrier ISMERT, part of the MGE Group, to address the challenge of reducing transportation emissions. In another shift toward decarbonization, the two companies are taking proactive steps to reduce by more than 80% the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with acrylic product transportation. “Through this partnership with ISMERT, we […]

Arkema Reaches Milestone in Shift to Renewable Energy at Major US Sites

Arkema has signed long-term renewable energy agreements for its sites in Calvert City, Kentucky; Beaumont, Texas; Chatham, Virginia; and West Chester, Pennsylvania; as well as for all Bostik sites in the United States. The agreements compromise a major milestone in the company’s climate plan.  By 2024, Arkema is expected to obtain approximately 40% of the […]

Arkema Reports that 7,000 farmers are now certified by ‘Pragati,’ the World’s First Sustainable Castor Bean Program

Arkema and its partners have reported that ‘Pragati,’ the world’s first sustainable castor bean program, has seen substantial growth since its implementation in 2016. Hydrogenated castor oil is a multipurpose ingredient for many industrial applications. It is an essential additive due to its ability to reduce atmospheric moisture pick-up during handling and mixing. It is […]

Arkema Completes Elastomers Production Capacity Increase

Arkema announced that the company has successfully started its new Pebax® elastomer unit at its Serquigny plant in France. This new unit, designed with the latest advancements in industrial processes, can produce both the bio-circular Pebax Rnew® and classical Pebax® elastomer ranges. These advanced materials are used extensively in sports equipment such as running shoes, […]

Arkema Announces it has Received Mass Balance ISCC+ Certification for Production Facility in China

Arkema announced another milestone in the decarbonization of its acrylic production chain, as the company obtains ISCC+ certification for its acrylic acid and ester production facility located in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, China. The Taixing site stands as the first acrylic monomers plant in China to receive ISCC+ certification. “Developing bio-attributed materials using a mass balance […]

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