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Coherix Launches Workshop on Dispensing Systems

Michigan-based Coherix has launched a quarterly workshop program for automotive and consumer-electronics engineers to improve the increasingly important application of adhesives and sealants in product-manufacturing operations. The unique program brings together engineers from a variety of industries to discuss and improve the development of dispensing systems that help to annually assemble billions of products around […]

Coherix Partners with Eastern Michigan University on New Technology Program

Michigan-based Coherix is working with Eastern Michigan University (EMU) in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to develop “factory-of-the-future” manufacturing and assembly technology. The three-year program at the university’s GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology is focused on precision-manufacturing applications in the growing field of adhesive-dispensing technology and is supported by a $385,000 grant from Coherix. Mohamad Qatu, dean […]

Former President of Bosch China Joins Coherix Board of Directors

Dr. Chen Yudong joins the Coherix board along with other industry leaders, Edmund Allen, and Stan Piekos. Yudong served as the president of Bosch China for twelve years. Allen worked as executive vice president for manufacturing industries at Infor, a leading enterprise software-development company, while Piekos previously was CFO of NEXX Systems, a global supplier […]

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