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Embrace Change and Drive Excellence at Tape Week 2024

As our industry rapidly evolves, I look forward to charting a course forward together at Tape Week 2024. Themed “Adapting to Change, Optimizing for Excellence,” this year’s Tape Week will help pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape professionals navigate the latest challenges we’re facing. Whether your focus is technical, market-driven, environmental, or otherwise, PSTC has been working […]

Sustainability and Smart Technology Drive Trends in Packaging

As the global economy continues to transition towards ecommerce and sustainability, the need for solutions that help packaging suppliers produce more eco-friendly products continues to grow. What are the latest trends in the packaging industry, and what role will adhesives play as packaging providers respond to those trends? These are some of the questions ASI […]

Ashland Continues its Drive Toward International Gender Equality

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Ashland Inc. is shining a spotlight on 30 inspirational female solvers from across the company to recognize their contributions, reinforce gender equity, drive parity, and help fuel inspiration for women in every corner of the world.  During the annual event, organized by the Ashland International Women’s Network (AWIN), the […]

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