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Arkema Partners with ISMERT to Reduce Acrylic Products’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Arkema announced a partnership with the carrier ISMERT, part of the MGE Group, to address the challenge of reducing transportation emissions. In another shift toward decarbonization, the two companies are taking proactive steps to reduce by more than 80% the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with acrylic product transportation. “Through this partnership with ISMERT, we […]

Covestro Announces Climate Neutrality Targets for Scope 3 Emissions

Covestro has published its climate neutrality targets for scope 3 emissions, completing its climate strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a short-term goal, the company plans to reduce greenhouse gases by 10 million metric tons by 2035. This corresponds to a drop in emissions of 30% compared to the base year 2021, with some […]

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