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APPLI-TEC: Two-Part Epoxy | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Appli-Tec’s 5340 is designed for potting and bonding applications. The two-part epoxy delivers high lap-shear strength and good thermal conductivity. The material is conveniently packaged in 1:1 dual cartridges; simply attach the mix nozzle for mixing. 5340 Epoxy offers excellent adhesion, an important consideration for potting and bonding applications where keeping out moisture — and […]

MASTER BOND: One-Part Color-Changing Epoxy

A low viscosity, cationic type UV curing system, Master Bond UV15RCL has a special color changing feature. The originally red material changes to clear once exposed to UV light, indicating that there is UV light access across the adhesive material. Although this change in color from red to clear does not indicate a full cure […]

Westlake Epoxy Receives ISCC PLUS Certification for Site in Germany

Westlake Corp. recently announced that its Westlake Epoxy Duisburg, Germany, manufacturing site received the International Sustainability & Carbon Plus (ISCC PLUS) certification. The site received mass-balance certification for its tracing and handling of sustainable materials in the production of epoxy specialty products. According to the company, this is the second Westlake Epoxy site in Europe […]

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