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Dow to Expand Capacity in SAS Chemicals Operations

Dow recently announced a capacity expansion from its minority equity investment in SAS Chemicals GmbH, a German-based specialty chemical producer of sealants and components used in insulating glass manufacturing. The expansion will create a more holistic façade offering. For over five decades, silicone insulating glass sealants from Dow have been used in various commercial structural […]

Univar Solutions and Dow Expand Relationship for Construction Silicone Products

Univar Solutions LLC is expanding its partnership with Dow to distribute construction silicone products in various regions of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Specifically, CEE countries in the partnership include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The partnership will give customers in the region access […]

Robotic Dispenser Helps Expand Use of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

A custom machine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in Canada saw an opportunity in the automotive manufacturing industry and created its own line of robotic pressure-sensitive tape applicators. The new product from Innovative Automation, RoboTape™, is helping tape manufacturers expand business as pressure-sensitive tapes replace more traditional methods of joining, such as riveting. The robotic pressure-sensitive […]

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