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FLEXICON: Mobile Conveyor System | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Flexicon has release a mobile tilt-down flexible screw conveyor system for manual dumping and bulk bag discharging. The system is mounted on a portable base with a multi-purpose hood and an integral dust collector. This allows manual dumping from handheld sacks as well as discharging from bulk bags, transferring material to elevated downstream process equipment […]

FLEXICON: Mobile Bulk Bag Discharger

A new mobile frame-mounted bulk bag discharger with flexible screw conveyor from Flexicon allows rapid, dust-free discharging and conveying of bulk solid materials at multiple plant locations. The BULK-OUT® BFF Series discharger allows forklift-loading of bulk bags from 36 to 84 inches tall. A removable bag-lifting cradle with Z-CLIP™ strap holders allows bulk bags to […]

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