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Covestro Launches World’s First Facility to Produce Plastics Based on Plant Biomass

Covestro is moving forward with the implementation of a unique process for producing the important chemical aniline entirely based on plant biomass instead of petroleum for the first time. The plastics manufacturer has made a seven-digit investment in a special pilot plant at its Leverkusen, Germany, site for this purpose. Initially, large quantities of bio-based […]

Intertronics Launches Structural Adhesives Selector Guide

To help manufacturers find the right material for their application, Intertronics has launched a structural adhesive selector guide. The guide includes a full overview of five structural adhesive chemistries — methyl methacrylate (MMA), epoxy, polyurethane, UV curing, and cyanoacrylate. It covers 28 materials and their properties, curing and compatibility considerations. The guide is designed to […]

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