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Precise Dispensing for Medical Wearables

High-performance adhesion technology is a significant factor in ensuring that medical health parameters can be easily monitored in real time without any location restraints. In combination with modern sensors, it provides the basis for developing intelligent, portable, and increasingly compact diagnostic devices. Production of such wearables requires high-precision dispensing systems for applying small volumes of […]

UV-LED Curing for Insertable Medical Devices

Catheters and other insertable medical devices are long, flexible, tubular instruments inserted into the body during minimally invasive medical procedures. These devices are used to extract substances, remove clots, deliver drugs or insert stents as part of angioplasty or neurovascular coronary treatment. They can also guide wires for other essential interventions and diagnostic and monitoring […]

MACTAC: Medical Tapes | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Mactac® is expanding its medical tape offering for direct skin, device assembly, and wearable applications with the addition of four new products. The high-performance tapes feature a unique, solvent-free acrylic adhesive.  The products (TM8610, TM8650, TM1060 and TM1064) are designed for direct skin contact and tout a highly unique solvent-free acrylic adhesive known as Mactac […]

A New Medical Adhesive Derived from the Outer Skeletons of Shellfish has the Potential to Broadly Advance New Solutions for Unmet Clinical Needs

Harvard researchers have found that chitosan films, a fibrous, sugar-based material derived from the processed outer skeletons of shellfish, achieved rapid and strong bonding of hydrogels through chemical and physical interactions that are different from those involved in traditional hydrogel bonding methods. Hydrogels are versatile biomaterials used in an increasing number of biomedical areas. Consisting […]

HENKEL: Next-Generation Instant Adhesives for Medical Device Applications

Henkel has introduced two next-generation medical grade, cyanoacrylates-based instant adhesives that offer improved safety and performance. The new products are formulated without CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reproductively hazardous) ingredients and are designed to offer increased strength during and after heat cycling. Loctite 4011S and Loctite 4061S are designed to meet the specifications of Loctite 4011 […]

Researchers Engineer a Customizable, Biodegradable Bio-Adhesive for Personalized Medical Repair

Traditional medical adhesives used in surgical applications often have limited bio-absorbability, high toxicity, and a lack of customizability, leading to suboptimal surgical outcomes. Recent advances in synthetic biology offer an alternative — tailored biocompatible and biodegradable adhesives designed for specific internal biomedical applications, such as in tissue repair and for surgical glues. Researchers working with […]

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