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CHARLES ROSS & SON CO.: Reconditioned Double Planetary Mixer

Beyond crafting new, durable mixers, ROSS Mixers also specializes in refurbishing existing equipment and providing customers with the same one-year warranty from the date of shipment as new equipment. Meticulously restored by highly skilled mechanics and engineers, every component of the mixer undergoes thorough inspection, repair, re-polish, and testing, ensuring quality and performance. The newly […]

Mixer Keeps Hot-Melt Adhesives Cool

HMT Manufacturing produces hot-melt adhesives and laminating systems that join almost any material, such as fabric, wood, melamine, foil and cork, to virtually any substrate including plywood, polystyrene, rubber, steel, and foam. Customers range from makers of building materials and RVs to woodworkers and retailers. Most of HMT’s adhesives are cast as films, which the […]

ROSS: Mixer for High-Viscosity Applications

Engineered to handle the most demanding high-viscosity and high-shear applications, the ROSS line of Multi Shaft Mixers is an excellent choice for chemicals, coatings, adhesives, composites, and more. Delivering the mixing efficiency and operational flexibility demanded by a high-volume, high-accuracy production process, the pictured PVM-500-gallon VersaMix is equipped with a heavy-duty 30 HP three-wing anchor […]

CHARLES ROSS & SON CO.: Double Planetary Mixer

Fully rebuilt to perform like new, ROSS-reconditioned double planetary mixers are dependable for high-viscosity and heavy-duty applications. The reconditioned Model DPM-4 has been meticulously restored to as-new working condition and offers the same standard one-year warranty as a new ROSS Mixer. Especially effective for thick and sticky semi-solids, the patented High Viscosity (HV) Blades rotate […]

ROSS: VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

The ROSS VMC-100-gallon VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer for viscous formulations is capable of processing viscous solutions, dispersions, suspensions, and emulsions with viscosities in the hundreds of thousands of centipoises.  The ROSS line of VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers is built for longevity, speed, and efficiency. It is designed for vacuum operation up to 29.5”Hg and supplied with interchangeable […]

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