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RAMPF Advanced Polymers Officially Begins Operations

RAMPF Advanced Polymers, the new company of the international RAMPF Group, officially started operations on Monday, July 1. RAMPF Advanced Polymers was established by merging RAMPF Eco Solutions, RAMPF Polymer Solutions, and RAMPF Tooling Solutions. RAMPF Group reports that with a large product and solution portfolio, global R&D capacities, and a pioneering closed-loop recycling approach, the […]

Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc. Expands Operations

Hauschild Engineering, the original inventor and manufacturer of SpeedMixer machines created by Gerd-Ulrich Schmidt, announced that its U.S. distributor, Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc., is moving to a larger facility. This expansion comes as a response to the company’s growth since its establishment in 2020. The new location will provide increased office space for additional staff, expanded […]

Dow to Expand Capacity in SAS Chemicals Operations

Dow recently announced a capacity expansion from its minority equity investment in SAS Chemicals GmbH, a German-based specialty chemical producer of sealants and components used in insulating glass manufacturing. The expansion will create a more holistic façade offering. For over five decades, silicone insulating glass sealants from Dow have been used in various commercial structural […]

Dow Begins Operations of Adhesive and Gap Filler Production Line at Site in Germany

Dow recently announced the mechanical completion of its new VORATRON™ Polyurethanes Systems adhesive and gap filler production line at its Polyurethanes Systems House in Ahlen, Germany. The company reports that it will increase capacity of its VORATRON Polyurethane Systems product family tenfold, ensuring it can meet increasing demand for these materials in battery assembly solutions […]

OQ Chemicals Resumes Operations in Plants in Germany

Global chemical company OQ Chemicals has successfully restarted production at its German plants in Oberhausen and Marl, Germany. The restarting of production comes after overcoming a recent disruption at a raw material supplier’s synthesis gas plant. This led to a declaration of force majeure for certain products. OQ Chemicals reports that during the operational pause, […]

Celanese Announces its New Carbon Capture and Utilization Operations Project

Celanese Co. announced it has begun running a carbon capture and utilization (CCU) project at its Clear Lake, Texas, site as part of its Fairway Methanol joint venture with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The project is expected to capture 180,000 metric tons of CO2 industrial emissions and produce 130,000 metric tons of low-carbon methanol per […]

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