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medmix Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit in China

Dispensing equipment provider medmix recently noticed that the products sold by Shanghai NSJ Hardware Ltd (the “Shanghai NSJ”) are similar to medmix’s products, i.e. the QUADRO™ brand industrial mixers featuring the company’s proprietary advanced mixing technologies (QUADRO [medmix.swiss]).  Upon this discovery, medmix declared that all materials sold by Shanghai NSJ are not purchased from medmix. […]

iGM Resins Successfully Defends Photoinitiators Product Patent

Energy-curing technology provider iGM Resins recently announced an action to enforce the patent of its Omnirad photoinitiators. The company had acquired the Photoinitiators product line from BASF, along with the intelligence and patent for Omnirad 819, in 2016.The globally patented product is a photoinitiator for radical polymerization of unsaturated resins upon UV light exposure. The […]

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