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RAMPF Advanced Polymers Officially Begins Operations

RAMPF Advanced Polymers, the new company of the international RAMPF Group, officially started operations on Monday, July 1. RAMPF Advanced Polymers was established by merging RAMPF Eco Solutions, RAMPF Polymer Solutions, and RAMPF Tooling Solutions. RAMPF Group reports that with a large product and solution portfolio, global R&D capacities, and a pioneering closed-loop recycling approach, the […]

FRANKLIN ADHESIVES & POLYMERS: Removable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has launched a family of REACH-compliant emulsion removable PSAs with customizable performance balance. Removable PSAs allow short-term bonding while offering the ability to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surfaces – such as paper, plastics, glass, metal, and painted surfaces. These PSAs are widely used in removable labels, […]


Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a leading innovator of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), has launched a new REACH-compliant microsphere PSA, Micronax 300-01. Micronax 300-01 is developed for use with ultra-removable applications, such as removable labels, linerless labels, and wall graphics. It offers greater mechanical stability and reduced foam, which improves the coating process.  Microsphere technology opens […]

PFAS-Free Universal Primer for Low-Surface-Energy Polymers

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a large and complex group of synthetic chemicals, have been used in products around the world for more than 60 years. The use of these chemicals in consumer products has become a topic of intense debate, as their prevalence has caused concern among consumers and regulatory bodies. Specialty chemtech company […]

NSF Partnership Offers Funding Opportunity for Research in Sustainable Polymers

The U.S. National Science Foundation has launched a $9.5 million research funding opportunity in partnership with BASF, Dow, IBM, PepsiCo Inc., and Procter & Gamble Co. Sustainable Polymers Enabled by Emerging Data Analytics (SPEED) is part of NSF’s Molecular Foundations for Sustainability program and seeks to accelerate the discovery and manufacture of superior and sustainable […]


Franklin Adhesives & Polymers announced the launch of Covinax 625 emulsion PSA. Covinax 625 offers performance and versatility for a wide range of durable label and tape applications. With improved performance, emulsion PSAs have gained popularity in multiple durable applications compared to solvent-based PSAs due to its environmental benefits from being solvent-free and the reduced […]

MFG Chemical Acquires H.P. Polymers

Platte River Equity announced its portfolio company MFG Chemical, a specialty and custom manufacturer of complex chemistries, has acquired H.P. Polymers (HPP). HPP is an independent North American paint and coatings resin manufacturer based in Puslinch, Ontario. The company’s products are used in diverse end markets including metal, wood, marine, specialty, and coil applications. The […]

Arkema Marks 30 Years of Recycling Specialty Polymers

Arkema is celebrating 30 years of specialty polymer recycling and is expanding its certified range. The company operates Agiplast, a high-performance polymer recycler/regenerator that became part of the Arkema group in 2021. Agiplast is a global leader in the recycling of high-performance thermoplastics since 1994. Within Agiplast, Arkema’s Virtucycle® custom recycling program has now developed […]

Cornell Chemists Image Basic Blocks of Synthetic Polymers

Synthetic polymers are everywhere in our society — from nylon and polyester clothing to Teflon cookware and epoxy glue. At the molecular level, these polymers’ molecules are made of long chains of monomer building blocks, the complexity of which increases functionality in many such materials. In particular, copolymers, which consist of different types of monomers […]

UK Scientists Address Difficult-to-Recycle Thermoset Polymers

A team of UK scientists are using at method that gets them a step closer to making several different types of plastic much easier to recycle. The method could be applied to a whole range of difficult-to-recycle polymers, including rubbers, gels, and adhesives. Thermoplastics can be heated to high temperatures, poured into a mould then […]

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