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Admix Announces New Director of Sales

Admix has announced the appointment of Santino Zingales as the company’s new director of sales. With experience in global sales within the mixing industry, Zingales brings a proven track record of driving revenue growth and fostering strong customer relationships. Zingales joins Admix with a distinguished career in sales, specializing in mixing and blending equipment. His […]

Sika Releases Financial Results of 2023 — Record Sales of CHF 11.24 Billion

In a year of high inflation, rising interest rates, and sharp currency depreciations, Sika was able to achieve record sales, amounting to CHF 11.24 billion (USD 13 billion) in 2023, equating to a rise of 7.1% in CHF. Almost all currencies depreciated considerably against the Swiss franc, which led to a negative currency effect of […]

Digital Sales Within the Chemical Industry

As digitalization and flexible supply chains become increasingly important in the chemical industry, one way that companies are using technology to reach more customers is through online marketplaces. This trend was strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic, when supply chain issues made finding the correct chemical for formulations challenging and adhesive and sealant manufacturers were forced […]

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