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New Frontiers in the Safety Assessment of Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes

In an ever-evolving industrial landscape, advances in material technology are crucial to meet growing demands. Double-sided adhesive tapes are increasingly coming into focus as indispensable components across various industries. Previously, mechanical joining techniques such as screws, rivets, and welding were dominant. However, with the emergence of lighter materials, more complex designs, and the pursuit of […]

AVERY DENNISON PERFORMANCE TAPES: Films and Tapes for EV Battery Cells

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes recently introduced the latest advancements in pressure-sensitive adhesive material solutions for EV battery cells with its new Cell Wrapping and Electrode Fixing Tapes. Both products are made in the U.S. for Inflation Reduction Act compliance. Dielectric Cell Wrapping Films Dielectric cell wrapping films are an electrical insulation solution designed to help […]

AVERY DENNISON: Electrode-Fixing Tapes | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Designed for use in the assembly of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, Avery Dennison’s new electrode-fixing tapes are the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of functional bonding and protection tapes engineered to make EV batteries safer, more efficient, and easier to assemble. Additionally, the tapes are manufactured in the United States to ensure compliance with […]

MACTAC: Medical Tapes | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Mactac® is expanding its medical tape offering for direct skin, device assembly, and wearable applications with the addition of four new products. The high-performance tapes feature a unique, solvent-free acrylic adhesive.  The products (TM8610, TM8650, TM1060 and TM1064) are designed for direct skin contact and tout a highly unique solvent-free acrylic adhesive known as Mactac […]

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Launches New Portfolio

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes introduced a new portfolio of pressure-sensitive-adhesive (PSA) tape solutions for the appliance industry. The new application portfolio of tapes offers manufacturers many benefits. These tapes are easy to use. They have quick stick, shear, and foam bonding qualities that include various types of constructions available for lamination. These tapes can also […]

The Benefits of Using PSA Tapes in Exterior Building Solutions

Today’s building and construction contractors are frequently hampered by labor constraints, increased customer expectations, and fierce competition. The challenge of getting the job done right and done quickly puts a premium on bonding solutions that can save time, reduce effort, and eliminate callbacks. Advancements in pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape technology have made these products increasingly […]

Lightweighting Spurs Growth in Global Automotive Adhesive Tapes Market

Straits Research has released a new report on the market for automotive adhesive tapes that estimates the market will reach $13,779 million by 2031. Among the factors responsible for the increased demand for automotive adhesives tapes is the growing move toward automotive lightweighting, in which automotive adhesive tapes play a key role.  Automotive adhesive tapes […]

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