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DELO: Micro-dispensing Valve | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

The DELO-DOT PN5 LV pneumatic jet valve is designed for dispensing low-viscosity adhesives and other media in miniaturized applications. Thanks to its compact design, it also requires very little space to install in production systems. This new device widens DELO’s existing portfolio of dispensing valves. While the closely related DELO-DOT PN5, introduced in 2022, was […]

Automated Dispensing Improves Processing Stability in Solenoid Valve Production

When manufacturing solenoid valves, clean pins in particular are critical to parts and components during potting processes. If the miniature contacts become contaminated with glue, the electrical conductivity suffers, along with the component quality. Staiger, a producer of solenoid valves and fluidic manifolds, automated the potting of two-component adhesives in magnetic heads for solenoid valves […]

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