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VERMES: MDS 3080 Series Dispensing System

VERMES Microdispensing announced the release of the new high-speed, slim-line, MDS 3080 Series dispensing system. The MDS 3080 provides a new versatile low-to-medium volume dispensing technology for demanding applications and can be used to dispense a wide variety of materials.

It is capable of finely adjusting its force and closure function to the needs of the medium, making it ideal for even the most sensitive materials such as dispensing biomolecules, 3D living organ analogues, protein solutions, and DNA arrays. The MDS 3080 dispenser enables precision micro-shot, contact-free jet dispensing. Its valve is characterized by a slim, lightweight frame, exceptional stability and perfect adjustability and can be integrated into almost all axis and robot systems.

The interchangeable tappet of the dispensing valve provides manufacturers with multiple options from the entire range of VERMES Microdispensing’s tappets and nozzle inserts to accommodate different shot sizes and make cleaning easy. Additional monitoring features built into the valve ensure continually consistent dispensing results, allowing it to process liquids and pastes with greater than 99% repeat accuracy.

To learn more, visit www.vermes.com.

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