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W. R. MEADOWS’ Announces New Innovative Waterproofing Solution

W. R. MEADOWS has announced the new CEM-KOTE CW PLUS, a dual-action, crystalline waterproofing. The new product has been nominated for the World of Concrete’s Innovative Product Award. This nomination highlights W. R. MEADOWS’ ongoing commitment to pioneering advanced construction solutions in an industry that is constantly evolving.

CEM-KOTE CW PLUS is a next generation, dual-action crystalline waterproofing. In comparison to traditional crystalline waterproofing technologies that are on the market today, this product combines crystalline waterproofing with proprietary, molecular-engineered technology that leads to immediate permeability reduction, which increases turnaround time, durability, and service life of the concrete.

Applicable to a wide range of structures, CEM-KOTE CW PLUS stands out for its safety, rapid cure time, and ability to be used for both negative- and positive-side waterproofing. CEM-KOTE CW PLUS may be used anytime during the life of the structure from the inside (negative side) to repair leaking concrete structures, reducing the cost versus digging up the foundation and replacing the existing waterproofing. The product prevents the ingress of water and reduces chloride ion intrusion, reducing steel reinforcing corrosion, sulfate attack, and alkali-silica reaction. The product also has a 0 g/L VOC content. It is a waterproofing solution for both new construction and renovation projects.

To learn more, visit www.wrmeadows.com.

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