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Wacker Acquires Manufacturing Assets and Know-How of Bio Med Sciences

WACKER has acquired the manufacturing assets and know-how of U.S.-based Bio Med Sciences Inc., Allentown, Pennsylvania, to expand its expertise and business in silicone-coated healthcare products. A corresponding purchase agreement was signed between WACKER and Bio Med Sciences Inc. As part of the acquisition, a majority of Bio Med Sciences’ workforce will also move to WACKER. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

By acquiring Bio Med Sciences’ assets and know-how, WACKER reports that the company has now advanced its expertise for fully integrated development and production of silicone-coated adhesive products. Silicones are best-in-class adhesive solutions due to their skin compatibility and tunable adhesive properties. The skin fixation market for health care patches and medical devices has been growing in popularity for years.

“The acquisition is an important step for us. Now, we have the capability to drive forward our business with silicone specialties with even greater vigor,” said Christian Kirsten, a member of the WACKER Board. “By taking over Bio Med Sciences’ assets, technology, and know-how, we are now a solution provider for the health care industry. We can support and collaborate with customers who are looking for innovative adhesive coating solutions in the healthcare sector even better. This new business perfectly complements our existing solutions of silicone-based gel adhesives for medical and cosmetic applications.”

WACKER stated that the company will also use the acquired technology as a development platform for innovations in stick-to-skin applications, such as wearable medical devices and scar care. “With our own prototyping ability, we now have an opportunity to demonstrate the performance attributes and advantages of our silicones to coaters, converters, and designers of medical devices,” said Christoph Kowitz, CEO and president of Wacker Chemical Corp. 

With these new assets and the existing silicones portfolio, WACKER can now provide processing recommendations with technical service to coaters and product designers. Also, customers will have access to new silicone adhesive coated products through contract manufacturing. “We will be able to support coaters who do not use silicones or lack access to assets for coating with silicones,” said Kowitz.

The acquired assets and a majority of the workforce will be part of a new legal entity called Wacker Silicone Manufactured Innovations LLC (WSMI). The entity, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker Chemical Corp., will serve customers and offer prototype development, technical, and contract manufacturing services to the medical device and wound care markets. Existing consumer products and related brands will remain with BioMed Sciences and are not part of the acquisition.

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